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Faranda Hotels & Resorts offers the ideal option of accommodation in the main cities or tourist destinations of Mexico, Panama, Colombia, Venezuela and Spain with unique spaces and plans to enjoy and Take advantage of your tourist or work visit.

Discover our offer of more of 25 hotels, plans and offers that we have prepared for your company and for you.

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Paradise is described as those postcards where the white sand and the beach meet freeze in a photo. Well... What do you think about multiplying that image with all the Hotels and Resorts that in Faranda we put at your disposal to enjoy the beach?

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It is true, when we go on vacation we want to forget about our worries and take care only to enjoy and rest. In Faranda Hotels & Resorts we offer you fantastic destinations where you can disconnect from your worries from day to day.

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If your thing is to discover the city and get to know new destinations, at Faranda Hotels & Resorts you will find the perfect place to enjoy the city like never before. TO where do you want to go?

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We know that you love to go out and discover new places and landscapes. secluded from the hustle and bustle of the cities. At Faranda Hotels & Resorts you We propose the best destinations to fill your stay with comfort in environments natural.

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